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uVault Back-Up Solution

Make your backup one less thing to worry about.

Introducing uVault, a fully automated cloud backup routine in which works quietly and diligently in the background on your ESP server to automatically and securely back-up its Elite application database/ system to a state of the art remote data centre.

The uVault backup solution will negate any failure encountered from older usb or tape backup methods which can be prone to hardware failures, forgotten rotations or forgotten back-ups completely.

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Did you know, older style back-up methods containing your customer data, such as USB flash drives and Tape Back-ups, ARE NOT GDPR compliant?

Why the old back-up methods are not GDPR compliant

  • Tape back-ups are not encrypted.
  • Both tape and USB flash drive back-ups are defined as removable media. In turn this leads to your customer data being easily misplaced.
  • There is no data retention on the number of back-ups that may have and can be performed. This can lead to old customer data laying around. Thus the right to be forgotten compliance is void.

How Does uVault Backup Work?

Your ESP system data and customer data is automatically backed-up to a secure off-site Microsoft Azure datacentre based purely in the UK (London). The datacenter is fully ISO/ IEC 27001:2013 certified and a GDPR compliant data processor.

The data is compressed and encrypted (256 bit symmetric AES encryption) at source with a unique, secure and strong private key which is then uploaded to the datacentre via a 1024 bit RSA public key secure and encrypted transmission.

The first back-up run to the datacentre is a full back-up with all other proceeding back-ups being incremental (that is, only files which have been altered since the last full backup get backed-up). This in turn permits fast upload times and low internet bandwidth use.

Data arrives at the Microsoft Azure uk datacentre in London on local redundant encrypted storage designed to provide at least 99.999999999 % durability of objects over a given year by keeping multiple copies of the encrypted data in the one datacentre for resilience and failover capabilities (second copy of backup). Backup data retention is no longer than 30 days.

At the same time your data is being prepared for upload to the datacentre, an encrypted copy of your ESP system data is taken locally direct to the ESP server itself (third copy of backup), fully encrypted (RFC4880) via a unique, strong and secure private key. Access to your ESP server is highly restricted and the data does not leave the server. Again, backup data retention is no longer than 30 days.

uVault backup in 3, 2, 1…

ESP Monitored Backups

Using our ESP server monitoring solution, uVault is proactively monitored live. ESP support will be notified immediately should a failure occur enabling us to take any remedial steps required. Users are able to check the log of the last 30 days backups should they require.

Time Saved

uVault backup works diligently in the background with no user intervention required in con-junction with proactive monitoring by ESP. No longer is there the need to invest time in manual USB pens or tape cassette rotations

Peace of Mind

All data is automatically encrypted and is backed-up from your local server to a secure and dedicated datacentre offsite.

No more relying on staff to ensure back-ups are performed

uVault is a fully automated process.

Quick recovery times

Should disaster strike requiring data recovery, the first recovery protocol would be to utilise the local ESP server based encrypted (RFC4880) backup permitting extremely fast recovery times.

Complete Disaster Recovery

Should a catastrophic failure occur wiping out the on-site ESP server and thus access to the local ESP server based encrypted back-ups, fail-safe protocol of restoring your ESP system from the Microsoft Azure datacentre back-up to a ESP replacement server (installed to site by engineer) would be engaged in order to get you back-up and running.*

Dedicated and secure Microsoft Azure UK datacentre

HVAC temperature control systems, state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion sensors, backup power diesel generators, 24/7 secured physical access, video camera surveillance and security breach alarms. Superior DR (disaster recovery) system in place with the objective to ensure that even in the worst of circumstances, your data is safe.

256bit symmetric AES encryption with compression

Your data is encrypted using 256 bit symmetric AES encryption technology prior to leaving your server to the datacentre. And because it’s compressed this means less internet bandwidth usage.

1024bit RSA public key encryption secure transmission

Your encrypted data is transferred to the datacentre using industry standard 1024bit RSA public key encryption secure transmission channel thus adding a second layer of security.

Encryption of the encrypted data

Your encrypted customer data is stored on local redundant encrypt-ed storage at the Microsoft Azure datacentre.

Incremental backups that transfers only the modified portions of your data

Fast data transfers. First initial full back-up then anything after this is from anything changed since last back-up.

Backup of backups

Backed up data resides on raid-protected industry leading storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy. Additionally, data is synced across to another set of storage devices for additional security using the exact same security standards, compliancy and encryption technologies. Designed to provide at least 99.999999999% durability of objects over a given year. When backup changes are committed, all copies of backed-up data are updated before returning success. This means the replicas are always in sync. Also, the copies reside in separate fault domains and upgrade domains, which means your data is available even if a storage node holding your data fails or is taken offline.

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The small print:

uVault back-up solution only available to ESP server environments with valid support maintenance running Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 or 7 with access to a 1.5Mbit or above (download and upload) internet connection * Restoration times of datacentre back-up data, compared to that of local ESP based backup, are not comparable and in some cases can be longer given Microsoft Azure datacentre server load at the time of restore.

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