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The Power of Video

Did you know? Research shows that over 90% of teachers have effectively used videos during lessons and it has even been considered better than teaching students through traditional text-books. A major part of the human brain is devoted towards processing visual information.
Videos can be watched just about anywhere on the planet, between the spread of the internet and mobile devices, more and more people choose educational videos over traditional paper text-books.
One of the best benefits to visual video learning is that at any time you can pause, rewind and play. The combination of audio and visual content allows you to grasp information more easily. Manipulating the timeline in which you learn.
That’s why over the last few months we continue to get more and more positive feedback from our YouTube channel.
As we continue to expand on its contents, ensure you subscribe and keep updated with the new age of learning!
Just press play to start learning!
ESP YouTube Channel

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