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Ray Reilly, Data Genius!

As we all know, taking back-ups of club data is a chore, but we all know the importance of doing it, right? ESP’s Ray Reilly does, that’s for sure.
Ray, a member of the support team at ESP Leisure for the past 13 years, works closely with our clients and system users. As part of his day to day duties of looking after our customer server base, he uncovered a few challenges that our clients were having around data back-ups, that were causing some headaches. Typically, ESP clients would tend to use USB sticks or older ‘tapes’ to back up their data, but these options are prone to failure, both technically and operationally. Either the back-up may fail for some reason or staff may forget as part of their end of day procedure.
Ray described a client in particular where there was an issue with data. The client had forgotten to take a back-up for a few months and then they had a fire in their server room. This incident alone cost their business thousands of pounds in lost revenue, resolution, data recovery and lost data.
With this in mind, Ray put his thinking cap on. Leaning on his technical expertise, he decided to find a solution to combat these failure prone back up options. Within a few weeks, Ray had designed an automated cloud based back-up solution that requires no manual process from staff members, working seamlessly with ESP Elite.

We call it uVault!!!

So we asked Ray, what are the benefits for ESP clients who convert to uVault? Ray replied, “The solution is designed to mainly reduce the need for staff intervention and dramatically reduce the data loss risk to our client’s businesses. The back-up takes place automatically overnight and is triple monitored, meaning we know instantly if there has not been a back-up taken.”
Ray continues, “Technically there are also some very important benefits to our clients. The data back-ups are stored ‘off-site’, meaning there is an extra level of security for clubs in case there was ever a business disaster, like a major fire. uVault also utilises a Tier 4 security data centre, giving our client’s peace of mind their data is extremely safe and secure, using high levels of data encryption.”
We all pray it never happens, but if you had a hiccup with your server, are you confident you are up to date with system back-ups? With uVault, you can rest assured your data is secure and easily accessible by the ESP support team, meaning we can get you and your business back up and running quicker, in the unlikely event of a server down.
At ESP Leisure, we are so confident in Ray’s invention, we use it ourselves!!! uVault backs-up all of our data automatically, giving us complete peace of mind.
So now that you know the story behind uVault, if you haven’t already, it might be time to find out more if uVault is right for your club. From just £1 per day, the cost is minimal for peace of mind.

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