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ESP – Santa's little helper!

ESP Leisure – Officially one of Santa’s little helpers! Christmas 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Northumbrian Water’s, Kielder Winter Wonderland. It is a spectacular outdoor event with activities for the whole family. Once on site you’ll be guided by Santa’s Elves through an enchanted forest before meeting Father Christmas himself! While the fun is going on, ESP’s Elite management system will be taking care of business for Santa and his team behind the scenes. Because of the seasonal nature of this part of NWL’s business, coordinating call centre and online bookings for NWL’s Winter Wonderland is a massive operation over a short time period. The Elite Management system will be fully responsible for taking over 2000 bookings and associated fees and at the same time managing live availability.
We know it’s a bit early but NWL have got us in the festive mood. Merry Christmas everyone!

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