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Bite Size Training

Interested in expanding your teams knowledge of the Elite Software one bite at a time?
Book a BiteSize 2.5 Hours Online dedicated session with one of our experienced Training Consultants.
Designed and tailored to assist you, our valued customer, in better understanding of Elite software elements and getting the most out of its capabilities.
Many businesses can’t afford to have staff members out of the business for a whole day at a time to train, so why not try BiteSize!

What is it?

We recognise how challenging it is to allocate time and resources for a full days training, trying to get staff in the same room, whilst still running the business is difficult to juggle. The aim of BiteSize Training is to provide a cost effective and flexible approach to training that can work around the needs of your business, yet still deliver the key aspects of a formal in-house training session.

What does it cover?

These BiteSize Sessions can cover refreshers on the basics of using the system, such as creating stock and sales items, using the pricing matrix, choosing and printing customer records. The list is endless. You can also use the BiteSize Session to complete remote training of a new staff member.

Are these sessions shared with other venues?

No, we believe that providing these sessions 100% focused on your own venue will ensure you get the maximum benefit from the investment.

How much does it cost?

A 2.5 hour remote session is only 250.00 plus VAT.

What do I need to join one?

All you need is a quiet area, so you can concentrate, and computer with audio (or a separate phone) and a stable internet connection. (Just don’t forget a Pen and Paper to take notes!)

How do I book it?

Just email us at and one of the team will contact you directly to discuss your requirements and look at availability.

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