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The aim of the tutorial is to provide you, our valued customer, with ongoing system knowledge to assist in the running of your club. Whether you are a small or large club, public or private, new to ESP, or a veteran, the tutorial series covers a number of solution topics to help you maximise Elite.

There will be a number of sessions within the series, but the next is focused on Web Exports & Promo Codes.

Date: Tuesday 4th July 2023.

Time: 11:00 am

Topic: Web Exports / Promo Codes

Target Audience: Golf/Leisure Manager

Key subjects covered include:

  • Amending Export Files
  • Understanding the export file and what impact changing these has
  • Understanding the ‘Grid’ section and how changes are affected
    • Available days
    • Minimum numbers
    • 30min block / Individual tee times
  • Availability options for different export categories – Visitors / Members / Player Cards
  • Disabling an export file
  • Promo codes
    • When to use
    • Generating promo code
    • Description when not valid
    • Restricting when available
    • Linking to price type
    • Linking to a specific price column on a price type
    • Rules – Understanding the rules setup
  • Ability to now have promo codes at POS – additional configuration
  • Ability to have bundle promo codes – bespoke configuration
    • Example 1: Golf & Bacon Roll
    • Example 2: Golf, Retail Item, Pint (FnB Stock controlled item)

The session will be conducted via an online webinar by one of our experienced trainers. Please fill out the form below to register, you will receive a meeting invite by email with the webinar details in the week prior to the event. Simply dial in on the day and from the comfort of your office, to increase your system knowledge.

This session will be at 11 am on Tuesday 4th July 2023.

These sessions will be recorded.

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