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For those of you that have joined us for our How Do I sessions online, we will be increasing the frequency of these in the coming weeks.

This week’s coaching will take place on April 1st & 2nd, both starting at 11am.

Session 1 – Wednesday 1st April: Operator Records

  • Renewing passwords
  • Forcing Password renewal
  • Amending user Groups
  • Changing Expiry date range to the Maximum of 90 days (if not already done so)

Session 2 – Thursday 2nd April: Food and Beverage Stock Management

  • The Difference Between Full and Partial Stock Takes
  • Starting a Full Stock Check Routine
  • Starting a Partial Stock Check Routine
  • Counting Stock Items of Different Sizes
  • Aborting a Stock Take
  • Printing and Counting Re-Checks
  • Understanding the Product Discrepancy report
  • Closing the Stock Take
  • Checking the Stock Take has been completed
  • Ending a Period
  • Understanding Period End Reports
  • Returning Stock to suppliers
  • Managing Wastage within Elite

The sessions will be conducted via an online webinar by one of our experienced trainers.

Please fill out the form below to register, you will receive a meeting invite by email with the webinar details in the week prior to the event.

Simply dial in on the day and from the comfort of your office, increase your system knowledge.

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Please note, ESP Online Tutorials are only available to ESP Customers.

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